Coloring Murals in Custom Sizes

Coloring Murals can be designed for your location and printed custom sizes. Corporate locations and businesses that host children find these custom themed coloring murals helpful by allowing the children a distraction and by forming goodwill with the parents.

coloring murals for kids

Custom designed coloring mural for Liberty Tax in Strasburg, VA

This undersea life coloring mural features the Statue of Liberty which has grown to be an icon of Liberty Tax Service. This mural was printed on a backlit film that prevents the colors used from bleeding through to the wall. There is room for the kids to sign their names next to the fish they color if they choose to do so.

The murals can be commissioned with a companion game sheet that asks the kids to count the number of various items featured in the mural.

Custom coloring murals start at $49.95 for a 36 x 72 for the first print.
Studio work $35 per hour after the first hour.
Companion counting sheets are $5.00 for an original. Make as many copies as you need.

Call Ltdprints: 1-888-273-8411 for more info.

Aircraft prints, animal prints, and Hot Air Balloons Posters are all available in mural sizes.

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