Sleep Quality and Your Mattress

Sleep matters are vital for your health. Depending on your age, you may need several hours of sleep. The average adult age 18 or older needs about seven to eight hours of sleep. If you go for a prolonged period without much sleep, you will develop a sleep debt. The lack of sleep adds up over time and causes health problems such as depression, anxiety, obesity, and high blood pressure. Sleeping can be difficult for people who work multiple jobs, or are prone to sleep disorders. Fortunately, getting good sleep is not impossible. Considerate abstaining from caffeine before bedtime, and make sure you are doing something relaxing such as taking a nice hot bath. More importantly, having the right mattress can make a huge impact on your sleep quality.

Nowadays, there are many mattresses on the market to choose from. The traditional mattress stores are changing. There are many startups and artisan mattress companies emerging in the market. Continue reading →

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